Ash Kingston

For my second shoot on location I decided to research the photographer Ask Kingston who specialises in mostly location images. I think looking at his work will give me a great starting point for the types of environments and poses I will want to try on the day. His work has a documentary urban fashion and portrait look to the images. I particularly like the rawness of his photographs which have an unedited and natural look that I think makes his style different and eye catching. Furthermore, I also like the way the models are posed and the composition he uses when taking the images. I think his work looks very similar to one of my favourite photographers, Corrine Day. So, for this shoot I am going to reference both photographers and experiment with the different techniques, poses and camera angles that I see throughout their work.

Ash Kingston was born in England and has been interested in photography since he first picked up a camera at the age of 16, where he took lots of images of his friends and family. Over the years his experience has grown and now you can see his work in many magazines such as Dazed and Confused, I-D, Teen Vogue and many more. He has also worked alongside many clients such as Top Shop, All Saints, ASOS, Pepe Jeans and Burberry. Looking at his images you can definitely see he has a lot of experience in the world of photography. He is now mostly based in London, but also spends much of his time traveling too.

What I like about his images:

  • Documentary style
  • Raw
  • Urban
  • Poses well
  • Experiments with different angles
  • His images do not fall under the norm
  • Unedited
  • Muted colours
  • Black and white
  • Stylish

Here are some of my favourite images of his. Through they do not follow the trend of colour surge, these images really stand out to me. I will be referencing his work throughout the shoot because of the stye of photography and posing he uses, not the use of colours.


This is one of my favourite images because the image looks so playful and different to other fashion images you might see. As I mentioned before, you can see the unedited and documentary style he uses throughout. It looks spontaneous, as if the model just did that for fun whilst walking down the street.