Shoot 1 On Location (Dartmoor by the river)

Colour Surge

Date and time of shoot

23rd of October 11:00-3:00

Location – Dartmoor (Pickwick)

Team List

  • Photographer, producer, Stylist- Laura Stobart
  • Model- Aimee
  • Make-up Artist- Molly Kenyon
  • Assistant- April Mitchell

The idea for this shoot is that both Molly and I will both use the same model. Sometimes we will be shooting at the same time, and other times separately. We decided to do this as we both have the same idea of using Smoke bombs, so we thought if worked together at the same time and with the same model we could support each other with our shoots and the model would understand the process of using smoke bombs better. I will also do some images with-out smoke bombs as well for comparison.

Call Sheet

  • 10:30 – April and I get on the train at Plymouth
  • 10:50 – April and I arrived at Newton Abbot
  • 11:00 – Molly picked April and I from the Train Station (Aimee already in the car)
  • 12:00 – Model started getting changed into first outfit whilst I setup my equipment
  • 12:15 –  Shooting began
  • 1:30 – Break for Lunch
  • 1:45 – Shooting started again
  • 2:00 – Review of images so far
  • 2:10 – Started using Smoke Bombs
  • 3:00 Wrap up of shoot


  • Camera 5D Mark IV
  • 24-105mm Lens
  • Flash
  • Reflector

Lighting setup 

Shoot 1 On Location Dartmoor lighting-diagram-1515584325.jpg

This diagram shows my initial idea for my on-location lighting setup as the day goes on this will change depending on how sunny the day is, as well as the positioning of the model.

Ideas for some images 

I want to start the shoot by the river and have the model standing on the rocks whilst she is doing different poses whilst I experiment with different angles and distance from the model. Then I will have her siting down on the rocks and do the same again. I am hoping by having water in the background the images will look really interesting.  From there I will look at my surroundings and see where I think the model would look best and the clothing to go with each environment. Near the end of the shoot I will then use smoke bombs to add a burst of colour to the images, I hope that by using the environment around me and smoke bombs sometimes together and apart it will allow me to experiment with and follow my theme of Colour Surge.

Mood Board


I need to make sure that when doing this shoot the makeup, clothing and background all work together, to help make the model stand out. The above images will give me some initial ideas of how I want my images to look and how to pose the model in this environment.