Looking  back at Vogue Front Covers


Anna Wintour once said that “The best cover is always the next one, the one you haven’t seen yet.” In a way she is right, however is this because each month they try and make each cover better more unique than the magazine cover before? Looking back at the covers of Vogue magazine throughout the decades you can see how much the covers have changed as they move with the times of fashion. In these magazines, they also show how as the decades move so does the fashion. The first Vogue magazine to be released was in 17th of December 1892 and from then Vogue has been the centre of the world of fashion giving you tips, telling you the best collections and the do’s and don’ts in the fashion world. They have naturally seemed to be always there to guide us with our fashion choices and they are still going strong and will probably stay strong for many years to come as they appear to keep up with changing times.

The first issue of Vogue magazine came out 125 years ago.  The magazine started as a small, weekly society magazine which is nothing like the magazine we know now. The magazine was founded by publisher Arthur Baldwin Turnure. The first cover features a debutante at her debut, which is something you would not see on the cover today.

here is a picture of the front cover of the 1st Vogue magazine


Looking inside the magazine the first photographs were taken by Jessie Tarbox Beals and the pictures and the articles explain what was considered the right way to stand when walking, how to offer a seat, how to carry a bag and umbrella, how to come down the stairs and how to sit in a chair. Not advice women would seek today.

Here are some of the images from that first magazine


When vogue was having its Vogue 100 exhibition I went down to London to see it I was amazed to see how much the magazine had changed throughout the years seeing the prints and the covers was amazing as you got to have a proper look at each one, as by looking at all the images you not only got to see how the fashion has changed but how society and photography has changed as well.

Here are some front covers vogue have created throughout the decades


One of my favourite vogue covers was the cover Vogue UK in February 1938 which was taken by Horst. P. Horst I love the use of bold colours like the use of blue for the background, the red hair band, white circle glasses, white top and red and white bag that makes the image bold and contemporary, where the image pops out at you. For some reason, every time I see this cover it stands out to me and makes me want to look at it for longer, maybe I like this cover because it is so different to the front covers you see today, or maybe because I just love the use of the bold colours which is something you don’t always see in front covers today.