Lighting Workshops

Walking Workshop

For the walking workshop, we were put into groups of 3, In my group there was Amelia, Stuart and me. We were asked to walk to 4 different locations based in Plymouth, one was in the Barbican area, one was under a bridge, one in the centre of Plymouth and the last location was on a street. At these locations, we were given the brief to create interesting experimental images following the themes of:

  • Texture
  • Misen en scene which means telling a narrative
  • The sky as a backdrop

At each location, we needed to take one image that represent the above themes. For this project, we had to use specific equipment, the equipment we needed to use throughout the day was:

  • Camera
  • Light Meter
  • Quadra kit
  • Beauty dish
  • Sky port
  • Reflector
  • Stands
  • Soft Box

Below is the contact sheet from the day


Here are the images my group took in the varied and different locations for each of the themes



The Sky

My favourite image that my group took during the day was difficult to finalise on as I was torn between two images that were taken for different themes. The first image that drew my attention was taken for Mise-En-Scene and the second image was taken for Texture. I believe the two images really draw you in by the atmosphere we created for the two images. The first one because it is in black and white, the model is in a phone box and you can’t see what might be coming from behind her and so it creates an eerie atmosphere of suspense. The second image I really like because of the lighting we used, the lighting makes the photo look dark and mysterious and the light from the lighting equipment leads you to were the model is standing.

Looking back at the day I think it was very successful as I got to learn more about on location equipment which will help me with my own fashion images, but also because by having themes to follow for each of the images we took it really made you think about how to get the perfect image. I also think my group worked well together and we jointly came up with ideas and helped each other make our ideas into reality by finding the right place, modelling for each other or holding the equipment. Each location was very different to one another which was good because the images we were then producing we different as well, however my favourite location had to be the Barbican it was a great day and there were many different places we could go to experiment with the themes and the lighting so that we could really tryout and create unique images in the theme of Sky, Mise-En-Scene and Texture.

Beard Workshop

Another work shop we completed during the project of fashion was working in groups of four in my group it was Amelia, Jade, Stuart, Tara and me. The brief we were given stated that we all had to be given individual roles Producer, post producer, Stylist, Lighting assistant and Photographer. My role was Producer which means you over look every aspect of the shoot making sure everyone is working well as a team and everything is going to plan, Amelia’s role was stylist which means she was in charge of positioning the model and making sure the model is ok, Stuart’s role was post producer which means we had the camera tethered to the computer so that each time the photographer took an image it showed up on the computer so that we could all see how the image looked and if anything needed to be changed and also  enabled us to edit the image, Jade’s role was photographer which means she took the images and worked with the stylist to make sure that the model was in the best positioning and Tara’s role was lighting assistant which meant she was in charge of making sure that all the lighting was in the right place. I think it was a good idea to give us individual roles as it meant we got a look at what it would be like on a really fashion shoot and that on a shoot there are more roles than just photographer.

In this project, we were asked to light male models who had beards in a low key atmospheric way, where the breads were the focus of attention. It was really, interesting lighting male models instead on females as it was something I had not had much practice with before and that posing male models is very different to females so we spent some time trying to find out the best poses to use. The equipment we got out for this project was:

  • 2 BX Kit
  • 1 Skyport
  • 2 Lighting Stands
  • 1 Light meter
  • 4 soft boxes
  • 1 honey combe
  • 1 Reflector
  • 2 dishes

The lighting setup I found quite easy as I had done something similar before and so had other people in my group so we quickly setup the lighting and began experimenting with different exposures of the lights and moving the model around.

Here are my favourite images from the day

Overall I found the tasks very interesting as I got to learn the best way of posing male modes instead of female models. I really enjoyed experimenting with different lighting and poses and I really enjoyed the role of producer which is a role I had never tried before and I really liked looking over the whole project and making sure everything was going smoothly. Looking back my group worked well together and I would be happy to work with them again and I would also feel more confident with using a male model as I now have some more experiences of posing one.

Colour Workshop

For this project, we were put into groups of 4, In my group there was Ian S, Sophie, Seb and I, we were asked to go into the cove studio and work with a certain colour which our lecturer gave us. Our group was given gel lighting which meant we could use all the colours. When doing this project, we also had to source our own models who we thought would best fit our theme of gel lighting, my group worked together to try and find as many models as we could be asking our friends and people around college, In the end we managed to find 3 models who were willing to help us.

I was really, excited that my group got to use gel lighting as I love the effect it gives you, but also because for my fashion project and for the colour in the studio task my plan was to use gel lighting, so this would be a great practice for my project and away of experimenting with different colours and exposers of lights to see what works best with what. By practicing, now it meant my group had creative freedom to experiment with the lighting in any way we wanted to. It also enabled us to learn from mistakes, which also meant that when I complete my final colour shoot I will have some experience and will know what not to do.

To begin with me group was not sure on the lighting setup we would need to get the best effect with the gel lighting so after doing a bit of research we found that to get the best effect was to have three lights one on the back and two at the front. This means that you put one colour gel on the background light to make the background a different colour and then for the front lights either have gels of both lights or just one which will light the model and if lit perfectly will merge with the background colour. During the day we experimented with many different colours and we had a lot of fun doing this, some colours we use were pink, purple and blue, blue and pink, red and blue, blue and yellow, blue, red and yellow, pink and red and blue and purple. Here are some examples of images using these colours.

The equipment we needed for this shoot was not huge amounts as in the cover studio they already have four built in lights. The equipment we used was

  • Skyport
  • Gels
  • Masking tape (to attach the gels to the lights)
  • Two soft boxes
  • Beauty dish
  • Honey combe
  • Dishes
  • Reflector

We did not use all the equipment at once we experimented with everything to see what create the best lighting. At the end of the day we realised that the best results were when you had dishes on each of the three lights and tapped the gels over them.

Here are the contact sheets from the day

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Here are my favourite images from the day

I really enjoyed the day as I got to experiment with using gel lighting without the stress that it needs to be perfect straight away. It was also a good experience of working with people you don’t normally work with. My group seemed to work very well together and I would be happy to work with them again.