Fashion Week

For the project of fashion week we were put into groups of 9 which had 6 people form the first year 2 people from the second year and 1 person from the third year, The fashion shoot would then take place at Pentillie Castle in Cornwall, each group would be given certain rooms to photograph on the day. My group selected the brief of Holly McGlynn and we were group 2 out of 3 groups, who, where given this brief. When we were first given the project I was really excited as this would be one of my first looks into what a fashion shoot would be like and fashion is my favourite genre of photography and where I would like to take my career in the future.

Below is the sign-up sheet, we were told to put our names by the brief we wanted to take part in.

BRIEF-SIGN-UP SHEET.docx – Google Docs

Here is the brief Holly McGlynn gave us showing the style of clothes she wants us to get and the styling of images. The style of this shoot was New Romantics.


After the groups had been made, my group all decided that we need to meet up to make sure we all understood the brief and to get to know each other. Our third year was the producer and we were then meant to be given out roles to everyone such as Photographer 1, Photographer 2, Lighting Coordinator, Assistant, Stylist, Runner, Image editor/post-producer, However we all decided that the best way to experience this project to its full was to not be give roles and to all work together on everything. On our second meeting as a group we talked about the mood boards we were given by Holly for the type of clothing we should get, and by looking at the mood boards we decided that the styling we really like was making waves and fine layers and for the make-up we would need to have natural look with rosy cheeks. For purchasing clothes we were given a budget of £100 and we decided that we would go to charity and high street shops to try and find clothes in the new romantic style for a cheap price.

However we did have some problems in our group for example there was a difference of opinion about interpreting the brief. Some people wanted to have a high class fancy look to the images with heavy makeup. They also wanted to spend the complete budget on one or two ball gown dress to go with the high class look. We did suggest to them many times that this was not out brief and that our style was new romantic which has a grungy edgy style to it. My belief is that the reason they wanted to do the high class look was because the place we were given I.E Pentillie Castle is a very fancy hotel and they automatically thought the images need to be high class which would make the images look very classy and that by doing the new romantic style the two styles would clash in a good way. But still they did not hear us so in the end we had to let it go and let them do what they want whilst we tried to go by the brief. Overall this did mean there was some tension in our group.

On the day of the shoot at Pentillie Castle the day was not the best with it being cloudy, rainy and a bit cold. Luckily my group was based in side the hotel we were given one of the hotel rooms to shoot on the day called Tillie Bed and Bath and Dewhurst Suite. Here are some images of the hotel rooms.

Pictures of Tillie Bed and bath


Pictures of Dewhurst Suite


To begin with we had an introduction on health and safety and the do’s and don’ts whilst we are there. We then went to meet our make-up artists and models to make sure they were ok and knew the style of makeup and hair we wanted as we had advised them the day before. We then went up to the first hotel room which was Tillie Bed and Bath and started to setup the lighting and sort out which clothing our two models would be wearing. After we had everything setup we just had to wait for the models to arrive which seemed to be taking some time, which we had under estimated the amount of time it would take for them to get ready, which meant we were a bit behind schedule. When they were finally ready we began to use both models modelling by a chair one sitting on it and one standing by it. This was to make sure the lighting was good and to see how good models they were and if they work well together. Here are the first image we took of them together


One thing about having nine people in a group and having two models is that it made the room very small and because we spent so much time setting up and waiting for models we had not gone into the next room yet. So we were advised to us to split into two groups one staying in the Tillie Bed and Bath and the others moving into the Dewhurst Suite I moved into the Dewhurst Suite with three other people who all happened to be first years. The good thing about splitting into groups was that it was not so crowded and everyone could have a go a taking images changing the lighting etc instead of some people sitting down doing nothing. It also helped because we could focus on the style of new Romantics and the other group could focus on the high class styling of images.

Here are the contact sheets from my group in Dewhurst Suite

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Here are some of my favourite images from the day

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Here are the contact sheets from the Tillie Bed and Bath room

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Here are some images I really liked

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The day after Pentillie Castle we started to edit the images from both rooms as a group to see which images we all liked and which ones we did not. This surprisingly did not take as long as I thought and we all seemed to like the same images. After choosing the image and narrowing them down further we then went to print off the images to show to Zoe Maxwell and our lecturers and then they would pick the images they liked and narrow down our selection even more. When the images had been narrowed down to seven and the order of the images had been chosen, Amelia and I sat down and started to make the look book and banner each group had to make, This went well and we seemed to work very well as a team and worked together to find the perfect fonts, colour and words to say on the look book and banner. Before printing out the banner and look book we then showed the rest of the group to make sure they were happy with it, overall they seemed to be very happy with what we created and I am also very happy with how it turned out. They were then printed out and shown to the rest of the groups and lecturers.

Here is the banner

Banner - Holly group 2.jpg

Here is the Look Book

Magazine Final print

Looking back at the project though our group had some disagreements on what the brief should look like overall we seemed to get on well and I think it worked best splitting into two groups which meant we all got a chance to try everything and no one was left out. I am very happy with how the project turned out and I love the images our two groups created. I also think that it was good that not everything went to plan as it gave us an insight on what a real fashion shoot would be like, as no matter how much planning you do there will always be something that goes wrong. Overall I loved the experience and would be happy to do something like this again, but maybe next time in smaller groups.