Professional Practice Evaluation

Looking back at part 1 and 2 of the project of Profession Practice It has taught me so much about the industry of photography and the different genres within it. The project consisted of many different tasks such as interview with a practitioner, work experience, tasks, creating an AOP account, creating a linked-In page, writing a CV, writing a PDP and writing and reflecting on our notes on photographers who visited our class.

One task I found very hard was trying to find a photographer to interview I emailed many different people and I was getting really worried that no one would get back to me and I would have no one to interview but luckily two photographers finally got back to me one saying they could not do it which worried me further and the second thankful said they would be happy to answer my question. I did a lot of planning, getting ready for the interview thinking what would be the best questions to ask them that suits there genre of photography which was wedding photography. We decided to do the interview over Skype which suited the both us more than meeting face to face. When doing the Skype call to begin with I was not very confident about asking the questions but as the interview went on I got more confident and relaxed. In the end I found the interview very revealing into what it is like to be a wedding photographer and I learnt a lot and he also answered all my questions and more questions, that I thought of as the interview progressed and we developed a relationship. I feel the interview was very successful.

Another task we had to do for this assignment was to either do work experience with a photographer or do our own photography for people. I decided do both as it would give me the experience of the industry in to different ways. By doing my own photography work it gave me an opportunity to see what it would be like on my own in the industry and that everything is up to you to get right, On the other hand assisting a photographer gives you the opportunity to get tips from someone who is already in the industry and learning by watching what they do. I really enjoyed assisting a wedding photographer and my own photography work and hope I can carry on practicing, experiencing and learning from different opportunities I may get within photography.

Along with doing the work experience and interview tasks we also learnt about what is photography  and the different genres whilst learning how things are advertised and how you can sell your work, This I believe will be very helpful information to have in the future. We also learnt about the need to start networking in the photography industry so one of our tasks was to create a LinkedIn page and an AOP account to connect with the world of photography. For the assignment we also learnt about the a importance of copyright and when you have rights to your work and when you don’t, so to understand the more we also looked at the Law and legislation and looked at some cases of people fighting over the copyright and learning each side of the story and the outcome.  One thing I thought was very useful to learn about was stock photography which is where you put your images onto a site like Getty and they can be bought and sold and can be used for many different uses depending in your contract.

Also for this project we also had to create a creative CV, PDP, write notes of the visiting lectures that came and answer some questions about where we see ourselves in 5 years and why we are studying this course etc. This I found useful as it really got me thinking about my future and asking myself what kind of photographer I want to be.

To conclude, this assignment has really given me the chance to think about the future and push me out of my comfort zone and experience new things like assisting a photographer and interviewing one. It has also given me the chance to get better at my own photography and work with really clients and learn what works and what does not when taking images. Answering the question about where do I see myself in five years I hope that I am on my way to being a great fashion photographer working for a magazine and traveling the world.