Rainbow Challenge

For this challenge we were put into groups and was given 1 colour to photograph and asked to walk around Plymouth and find the same shade of the colour from different materials. In my group of three was Harry, Jade and me. The teachers then gave us a list of the colours of the rainbow which include Yellow, Purple, Orange, Indigo, Green, Grey, Pink and Red. The colour that was given to my group was the colour grey. My group found this challenge very easy as quite a few things are grey like the pavement, walls etc so we managed to find the same shade of grey a lot easier than people in other groups who had a not very common colour.

After finding a variety of different material with the same shade of grey, we headed back to the college and looked through all of our images and picked the best images with the shades nearly the same. We then put the images into Photoshop and put them in a line to show off the grey materials. Looking back at the project it was a very fun task going around Plymouth as a group and exploring a particular shade of the colour. I think that if I was doing this project again I would look even more closely at the colour and see if it does match or not.

Below are the images of grey my group found

Grey - Harry, Jade and Laura.jpg

Here is the all the groups colours put together to make the rainbow

rainbow interdis colour challenge 2.jpg