Context of Practice Evaluation

Looking back at the assignment of context of practice and reviewing all the work I have done for this project, I think I have shown how significant learning and progress. The assignment, consisted of notes for the lessons, all the study tasks that where given to us at the end of each context of practice lessons, group project of creating a InDesign magazine and a group debate task. I believe that work I have written for context of practice show my progress of learning and understanding of what I have learned during this project.

I do not enjoy writing and I find it hard to put my words down into writing. However, I think as the project has gone on and I have done more of the study tasks, my writing has got better and I have began to understand the context of photography and the meaning behind it and not just how to take images. Whilst also helping my writing, it has also given me an opportunity to work in groups and reinforce certain skills during team work. Such as:

  • Learning to work together
  • Communication
  • Making sure everyone understands the projects
  • By getting different viewpoints and not just your own, hopefully the project will come out more creative
  • Making decisions as a team

Even though for this project there was no image taking involved, I found that this project was just as important as I got to learn about the understanding and meaning behind images and how to analyse images in-depth whilst also learning how to work as a team and learn about InDesign and debating.

The first part of this project constituted of me starting the study. I could not finish the initial study tasks in one week as we were given a new task to do each week so this part of the project carried on until the end of the assignment.  The Titles of the tasks where:

  • Introduction to context of Practice
  • introduction to Reading Images
  • Introduction into portraiture
  • Environmental portraiture
  • Language of advertising
  • Representation in Advertising and the Media
  • Misrepresentation and Shock in Advertising
  • Shock and Subcultural Style
  • the evolution of fashion photography
  • Theorising Fashion Photography Part 1 and 2

Looking back at the tasks they might of not been my favourite things to write about but it made me look in-depth on what is the context and what’s behind photography. If I was going to look at the tasks again, I might spend a little longer on each task to make sure I fully understood what was asked of me before launching into doing the project work. However overall, think I have answered the questions in depth and I think it shows that as the tasks went on my understanding of the subjects grew.

The next part of the project was as a team. My team consisted of Harry, Andy, Jade and Alex and I and we were tasked to make a magazine using InDesign with a title of “The language Of Adverting”. We decided to focus our research on one topic within The language Of Adverting and that was the History of Jeans. Looking back at the project it was very useful as I got to learn how to use InDesign as well as learning about the History Of Jeans. I also found that working in a group a great experience and it really helped make this project unique compared with if I was doing this project on my own. Everyone has their own creative style and combining all the styles together helped to make a great magazine. Though there was a couple of problems with my group (for example people not coming in or turning up on time) I still think we worked well as a team and together created an interesting magazine.

One of the final tasks we had to do was a debate task. Again, this was also in groups of 3 to 4 people and we were asked to debate our chosen topic. In my group there were 4 people: Harry, Amelia, Emily, and I and our topic was Sex in Adverting and the Media. We were against showing sex in adverting and the media.

I think my group was well prepared for the debate and were very excited to see what the opposition had found to argue against us. However, when it came to the debate, the people we were meant to debate against did not turn up which meant we only needed to do the presentation and we automatically won. Yet after our presentation we did have a small debate with the rest of the class and it was interesting to hear everyone’s opinion on our topic – both for and against. Overall, I found this assignment an interesting topic to debate and would love to debate this topic or another with an opposition next time.

The last thing I had to do for this project was to write the notes on my blog for each of the lessons for Context Of Practice.

Looking back at the project I am happy with the work I have done and I think I have worked hard to make interesting points in my study tasks as well as working well in teams to create a magazine and an interesting and insightful debate. I have enjoyed doing this assignment and learning new skills in my writing as well as learning more about debating and InDesign.