Alphabet Challenge

For the alphabet challenge we were put into groups and asked to walk around Plymouth and find man-made or natural object that look like the alphabet. In my group, there was 5 of us which included Amelia, Sandra, Tara, Harry and me. When we were given the project, we decided to split up into two groups: the first group was Sandra, Harry and I looked for the first 13 letters and the other group Amelia and Tara did the other 13 letters. To begin with my group found it quite hard to find the letters but as time went on we found it easier to find them. However, there were two letters we had a hard time finding which were E and F but we eventually managed to find them.

When both groups got back to college we looked though all the images and put them into Photoshop and put the letters in order of the alphabet. Overall, I found this project interesting as it really got us to look at the environment around us and find the individual letters whilst working in a team.

Below is the alphabet we created

AA Full pic.jpg