Talking Head and Cinemagraph

Talking Head

For this project we had to create a talking head that was based on our editorial photo story. When I first started creating the talking head I had no idea how I was going to make a story out of my photo story (student life and depression) after a lot of thinking, time talking to the person who is in my photo story and experimenting, I came up with what I think is a great and original Idea. The idea is to subtlety mention student life and depression without it being overbearing and in your face. The way I have created it is to film the places I took the pictures of her in and then film it again without her so that first it will show the empty space and then will move to the image of her from the photo story. My talking head will not show her talking but we will hear her over the film and the music.

After I had completed all the filming I then moved on to the editing which I personally was not looking forward to as I had not had any lessons of Premier Pro before, so this was a completely new concept and technique that I had to grasp. However, after a lot of practice, research and looking at YouTube videos on how to use Premier Pro I began to get a hang of it, and I started to get more adventurous with my ideas.

Over all I found that making a talking head was very interesting and creative. It was useful to learn a new skills and techniques as it taught me how to film, use equipment and to edit which link closely to the skills you need in photography. I think these will be good skills to have as they help you see images and the creative process in a different way. Looking back at my film I think that for a first try it is a good piece of filming and I think the concept of my idea works well with my photo story to create and interesting and unique talking head.

you will find my Talking Head on the google drive


Below I have explained the steps you need to take to make a cinemagraph

Before editing your film on Photoshop you need to create a film which is about 30 seconds long that was filmed on a tripod so that the camera is not shaking.

Here are the steps to create the Cinemagraph:

  • Open Photoshop
  • Windows-workshop-motion
  • File-open
  • Play video
  • Find area of film to use
  • Grab edge of time line and make it smaller by using [ ]
  • Make sure person is still
  • Grab file and move to top
  • Get rid of video group
  • Command A, then Command J
  • Move still image to be the length of the video
  • Copy layer of still image
  • Make a mask on top layer
  • Press E and erase movie area (make sure you are on the top layer and click off the other two)
  • You can then make the moving part better by going over it with the brush tool
  • You then need to export it as a gif
  • Then you are finished

Here is my Cinemagraph:


Overall I found making a cinemagraph very difficult as this was something I had never done before and I had lots of new skills and techniques to learn. I think to improve my work further I should have taken longer to practice the skills and techniques, so that I could have produced a better cinemagraph. I intend to continue to develop my skills and continue practicing after this project has finished as I think being able to produce a good quality cinemagraph will be useful in the future.