Magazine Layout for Editorial Photo Story

For the interdisciplinary project we had to create a magazine of our editorial images that consists of 6 images. In the magazine, we displayed the 6 images a long side dummy text in an interesting and appealing way that would intrigue and hook the audience to look through the magazine.

When I first started making the magazine I had not really had much experience with using InDesign and even though we had some lessons on how to use InDesign and I also helped create the magazine layout for Context of Practice. I feel that we only went through the basics of InDesign, so as I was making the magazine I was also learning about how to create the magazine.

For the magazine, I have made 4 pages a front cover with my first image of the series on it and the title, then I have a double page spread with a paragraph of dummy text that I think fits great in an area of the image that has blank space, Finally the back page has the last 4 images with some dummy text surrounding the images. It took a while to find the perfect spaces for the images and dummy text but after I found the right places for everything I think the final layout will appeal to the reader as if it was a real magazine. For example, it took a while to find the spot-on places for the images as not only do you need to keep them in the order of the photo story but they should draw the audience in.

Click the link for my final PDF magazine layout:

Photo story magazine layout

Click the link to find my final tablet version of the magazine with the embedded talking head.

Photo Story magazine layout tablet

However due to only be able to view the talking head when opened with Adobe Acrobat I will also put both magazines on to the google drive.

Overall, I found that making this magazine very interesting and challenging as I learned a great deal on InDesign and how to make a magazine that would be appealing to readers. If I created this magazine again I would make sure I spent a bit more time learning about InDesign so that I can make the magazine even more professional. I am however, very pleased with how the magazine turned out as this is my first time creating one and I know if I created a magazine again I can only improve as I will use the knowledge and skills I have gained this time to refine and hone my magazine layouts.