Interdisciplinary Studies Projects Film Noir, Pop art Fashion Photography,Contemporary media Practise and Film

Film Noir

What is Film Noir?

Film Noir is a term used normally to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, that highlight disbelieving attitudes and sexual motivation. Film Noir started in the early 1940s and was a popular genre up to the late 1950s. This genre is normally associated with low-key black and white visual style. Most of the stereotypical stories and the attitudes of classic noir come from the school of crime fiction that started in the USA during the great depression.

The term Film Noir is French for black film or dark film. It first applied to hollywood films by French critic Nino Frank in 1946 and was unrecognised by most American film industry professionals of the era. Film historians and critics defined the category retrospectively, before it was widely adopted in the 1970s, many of the classic Film Noir  were referred to as melodramas. Whether or not Film Noir qualifies as its own genre is a subject that is still being debated today amongst the film world.

some of the most famous film noir films are:

  • They Live By Night
  • Kiss Me Deadly
  • Blood Simple
  • Lift To The Scaffold
  • The Third Man
  • Out Of The Past
  • Double Indemnity
  • Touch Of Evil
  • Chinatown
  • The Big Sleep

Film Noir and black and white films are mainly shot with only one light source.

In my group we worked together to create different Film Noir scenes with only one light source to create the mystery and drama. Overall, my group worked really well together and I would be happy to work with them again. We had lots of fun creating the different scenes. Here is my favourite image taken during the session.


I have also created contact sheets of all of the images from the session. However for some reason even though we changed the settings on the camera to black and white all the images are in colour.


Pop Art fashion photography

What is Pop Art fashion photography?

Pop Art first started in the fifties and since then has gone hand in hand with the industry of fashion. It has rebelled against social values and self-reflexive expressionist movements. Pop art built on mundane living experiences, introducing parts of mass culture and bringing art closer to the new generation of Americans who were beginning to experience the benefits of the welfare and consumer paradise after a post war America. Pop art created familiar culture imagery from advertisements to other stereotypical objects and wrapping it into appealing, bold and colourful combinations. Richard Hamilton, one of pop arts creators, described pop art as “popular, transient, expandable, low cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous, big business.” These qualities pop art shared with the trading culture and fashion industry as one of its main features. It was not long before fashion and pop art became one. Artists who did pop art introduced a variety of bright palette colours and print form,  which was then used as inspiration of many designers of that era as well as today.


The experience of creating pop art fashion imagery I found very fun and intriguing. I loved using bright colours to create interesting and unique photos by using a mixture of bright primary colours that draw the  audience in. I also found by doing this kind of fashion photography we were having a lot of fun in our group coming up with lots of ideas and experimenting and you can see this in the images from our session.

Here is my favourite image


Here are the contact sheets from pop art fashion practise



First Experience

For the day of the Film Noir or pop art fashion experience we were split up into two groups. One group did film noir and the other did pop art fashion. My group did pop art fashion and then we were put into even smaller groups so that we could do the experience at different times and show off our course to the other first years of Plymouth College Of Art. The teams would then go out and find people on different courses in their first year and ask if they would like their pictures taken throughout the evening with these bright colourful backgrounds and props. This project is part of our interdisciplinary studies which all first years were doing and they too had to put on an event showing what they do on there courses, for the other first years so that they would pick there course to do the other two experiences in.

I had a lot of fun taking these pictures. As did the people we were taking pictures of and they had fun using all the different props we had sourced for them to use.

Here is one image I really like


Here are the contact sheets


Contemporary Media Practice

For my first experience I chose from the list of the different courses. I chose Contemporary Media Practise. It was not my first choice but I was happy that it had to do with film as part of commercial photography we have to do some filming. For this course the brief was to produce a 60 second video of art that celebrates artistic practices within a commercial framework. You need to create something that is both visually creative and challenging but would also be suitable within a commercial model.

We were then put into groups of two and began to brain storm ideas. To begin with my partner and I had no idea of what we could film. But after a while because we both do  commercial photography we decided we wanted to try and display the evolution of photography. I was not completely sure on the idea to begin with but my partner said it would be a great idea and something different to what other people might be doing .

The second lesson we went out and filmed our ideas and also created some of our scenes in photoshop. We then came back to the class room and began to edit on Premier Pro.

For the last lesson we finished off editing as well as showing our final film to the class.

Looking back at the project we definitely had some problems as we had never done any editing on Premier Pro and had never done any real filming before. Another problem I found that the project was a bit rushed because we only had 3 lessons to come up with the film idea and edit with little help. I think if we had more time our idea would of been refined and we would of done some more filming and taken more time to learn how to use Premier Pro. But overall I am glad I got this experience and have now learnt more about editing and filming and I think this will help me with my own filming projects.

You will find the film under 2016-17-Interdisciplinary Studies-Laura Stobart its called Laura and Sandra (Contemporary Media Practice Film)MVI_0231_1



For the final experience I was allocated film. Initially, I was very happy with this, as I thought this would help me refine my filming skills. However I was very disappointed to find out that it had no filming involved. Here are a list of things we did each week:

Week 1: working on the concept of ‘growth’; direct animation workshop;

Week 2: working with found footage, and animation examples, to complete your short film

Week 3: critical screening of each film, and final exhibition on 9 screen video wall.

This meant that on the first week we were given a strip of film to scratch with a variety of different tools and then played it through an old film machine really fast to see what it looked like. This would then be digitalised for the next lesson. The second lesson we were put in to groups and asked to think of the concept of growth and what it means to us. We were then asked to make a 1 minute film showing growth by finding clips off the internet whilst also using the film we had scratched and  digitalised. We had to edit the film in Premier Pro which I was happy to use again as it gave me more experience on how to use it. For the final lessons we finished off editing, with it then being exported and then being shown in the reception of the college for everyone to see.

Looking back at this project I am disappointed that there was no filming involved, but I happy that I got to use Premier Pro again. I also think that my editing skills have improved from the editing we did for the second experience.

You will find the film under 2016-17-Interdisciplinary Studies-Laura Stobart its called Laura+Sandra(Growth Film).MOV