What Is Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is a subject within photography that was created to display clothing, accessories and other fashion items. Fashion photography is mostly used to document or sell the fashion items and are often advertised in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour etc. Over the years, fashion photography has come into question about the commercial intent to it and some people think that it lacks photographic and artistic integrity. However, most people believe is produces some of the most interesting and creative images and is advertised to the viewer in interesting and intriguing ways that shows the buyer their dreams, desires, sexuality, values and self images. It is all designed to makes the audience want to buy the items so that they can create that image of themselves. Fashion photography industry is always changing which means that it’s a genre of photography that will never die out as there will also ways be the new inventions of clothing that need to be photographed and advertised and people to buy them.