Statement of intent fashion photography

I was very excited to have received the fashion assignment as at the moment my favourite subject within photography is fashion and it is what I hope to do as a career. For this assignment we have been asked to take 4 different fashion images, 2 must be taken on location and that are full body length. The fist image must be an interior location and the second must be outside and for both shoots we have to use different models that suit the location and ideas we decide to use. We then must do another 2 images in the studio that again need to be full body length. One needs to be created with colour, so we need to think about what type of coloured background we might use and if we want to use gels or not. The second image needs to be based around the concept of lighting we will use either with high key, mid key or low key lighting, However for these two images we can decide if we are going to use two different models or just one. For all 4 images I will definitely use Photoshop to enhance the images and to create the exact look I want.

As well as doing four images we also must research four magazines all with various target audiences and look at how they are different and what type of style these magazines have. We need to look at one monthly magazine, one weekly fashion magazine, one men’s magazine and an alternative fashion magazine. We then should research into two fashion photographers and two fashion stylists and think about what attracts me to them and their work and what makes them different to other people in that industry? I also plan to do test shoots, contact sheets, mood boards etc to help clarify and further expand on my ideas.

I will them write an evaluation of this assignment and critically evaluate how I think the project went, what went well, what I found challenging and how I could have improved on it.

To help expand my knowledge and my ideas for this assignment I will also briefly look at some photographers, magazines and stylists/collections that I think will relate to my project and help create ideas for my final 4 images. At the moment, I plan to look at these alongside going into depth on the four magazines and researching the two photographer and stylists are:


  • Guy Bourdin
  • David Bailey
  • Time Walker


  • Vouge
  • Glamour
  • Marie Claire


  • Rachel Zoe
  • Leslie Fremar
  • Kate Young


  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • Burberry

Currently I am not sure about which fashion photographer, magazine, stylist and collections I am going to examine in depth. I am hoping as I move forward with this project and began to create ideas and look in to each of the sections a bit more, I will be drawn to some of them and want to reearch them with more depth. I really hope this project goes well and that I learn more about fashion photography and what it entails. For this project I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment and expand on the ideas of fashion photography

Guy Bourdin photography

Vogue magazine cover

Rachel Zoe Stylist


Dior Collection 2017