Advertising part 2 Evaluation

Doing Part 2 of this project has given me the chance to expand on my ideas from Part 1 but also come up with new ideas and experiment using different products. I have also been looking at how different brands advertise their products and how I can then take my images in the style of that brand.

For both Part 1 and 2 I have looked at advertising photographers work. Such as for part 1 looking at the work of Annabelle Breakey who’s work inspired me to be more creative with my own ideas and to make the images stand out to the audience. In part 2 I have expanded on the work of Annabelle Breakey and looked at the work of two other photographers: Timothy Hogan as I love how he positions his products with perfect lighting and how sharp and crisp his images look; I then came across the work of Greg Broom who takes pictures of mostly makeup on a white background with sweets scattered around the makeup. I think this makes the products stand out and seems different to other advertising techniques out there. I think by looking at these 3 completely different advertising photographers, it has shown me different ways of positioning my products as well as the different lighting setups I can use for the same product.

Finishing the research and experimental techniques of this assignment I now need to pick two final images. I have decided that one of my final images will be with flash lighting and the other will be with continuous lighting. I have decided to take both images similar to each other because they both have to be taken in the advertising techniques of our chosen brand. I chose Essie. Looking at one of their main ads, you can see they use a simple white background and cut off the top of the nail polish lid and they do this in most of their ads – so I plan to do the same. However, I am going to use white flowers to make my images stand out instead of using different props on top of the product.

Here is a picture of one of one of Essie ads.


Looking though all the images I have taken; I am pleased of the research I have done into the different ways Essie advertises their products. I think that If you examine my final images, they look similar in theme to Essie. I think my images are different and unique and I have enjoyed the second opportunity to expand on the world of advertising photography.

During this project, I have taken images that I am really happy and I think show off the Essie brand in a great way, But some I am less happy with. For example, in the image below I was trying to take in another Essie branding theme where they have a paper cut out of a plant growing from inside the Essie nail polish. However, if you look at the image you can see the image is under exposed and the paper cut out plant does not match the colour of the nail polish and the nail polish is not in focus. I think overall this image looks messy and that I did not think through the amount of the time it required to plan this shoot. If I had more time on this project I would have tried to take the product in this way again but spend more time thinking about the colours I am using and the angle I want.


Here is the Essie example of the theme I was trying to shoot.


Looking through my contact sheets again, one image that I think did work very well is the one below. I love how sharp and crisp the image looks and that you can clearly see the brand name on the nail polish. Though the image is simple looking, I think that this image would draw the attention of the audience to the nail polish and entice them to buy it.


I think I have found my perfect two final images taken with flash lighting and one I took with continuous lighting. I think they show the brand Essie in a good light and will draw the attention of the buyers to want these products

flash lighting image


Continues lighting image.


When post producing these images, I used the healing brush tool the get rid of any imperfections such as on the lid of the nail polish or the blue background. In law file I also moved up the saturation, contrast, exposer, brightness and clarity. I also looked at other techniques I could use on the images such as making a new layer and adding soft light to it. However I did not think this worked or added to the image. For the second image I cropped it so that the top of the lid was cut off a little bit just like some of their adverts.

If I was to do this project again I would look even further into the branding techniques of Essie and maybe I would of taken some more images in the style of photos and see if I could get the images perfect next time. But this project gave me a chance to try a style of advertising I have not experiment with before and I hope that with later projects I will be able to do this. I think I would also look at more photographers work to further inspire me to create creative advertising images.

I have learnt a lot from this project and it has given me a love to try and experiment more with adverting and maybe looking down the route of advertising after I leave university. This project has also enabled me to grow in technique and my own style within this subject and also given me the chance to experiment with both different photographer’s styles but also how certain brands are captured.

To conclude, this project I have really enjoyed doing part 1 and 2 and think I have fully met the brief and looked more into the subject of advertising photography.