Test Shoot for Advertising Part 2

Photographing the test shoot for editorial part 2 was very interesting as, we could expand and experiment on our ideas and techniques by learning from what went right and what didn’t go so well in part 1 of the project. By taking these test shots I can learn more about the different types of lighting setups and the studio. The product I am going to practice shooting with is a Yorkie chocolate bar, this is not the product I am going to shoot for my final images as that is nail polish (Essie). I wanted to shoot something different to get a more of an idea of how to shoot other products and the different situations you could be in and need to know other lighting setups and not just always relying on one lighting set up.

As I used a black background for part 1 of this project I decided for my test shoot to experiment with white background.  When shooting the test images, I decided to use two soft boxed opposite each other at an angle, however as the shoot went on I sometimes changed the lighting positioning to get the perfect direction of light on to the product.

Here is the lighting setup I used during the test shoot. But as I said before this changed through- out the shoot, so I could represent the product in the best light.


Below is the low list equipment I used to create this lighting setup:

  • Camera (Cannon 550D)
  • BX Kit
  • Tripod
  • Skyport
  • Macro Lens
  • Two soft boxes
  • Product (Yorkie chocolate bar)
  • Product table
  • lighting stands

The test shots have enabled me to explore different ideas and to develop my thinking on what will work and how I might create the effect I am after when I shoot my final images. By doing a test shoot it also gives me time to learn how to light certain products to create the images I am looking for. After taking the images I made a contact sheet of all the images as this demonstrated the different lighting I tried and gave me a better idea of what images worked the best.

If you look at my previous blog post, you will also see the original contact sheets and the contact sheets after they have been analysed with my opinions of how the images have turned out.

Looking through all the contact sheets, it is clear, that some images worked better than others. The images below are examples of images that did not work and ones that did. Looking at all the range of images it is clear, that photographing a chocolate bar is difficult as I found it hard to make the images exciting and interesting to look at. Although I have not managed to take the images in an interesting and new way I have experiment a lot with the lighting and this was the main goal of my test shoot.

One image I did not like is the image with two chocolate bar as this image appears even more uninteresting than the images with 1 bar as having two bars has added to the complexity of how to position and focus when using two objects. The image is also under exposed which makes the product look washed out. Using a white background for shooting this product I think was a good idea as I think the colours of the chocolate wrapper and background complement each other. If taking the image again I would spend a lot more time planning how I can display the products in a more creative way to make the images look more interesting and appealing to the audience.


one image I think worked well is the image bellow I love how the chocolate bars have been lit the lights are shining on the product so that some shadow comes over it to bring some mystery to the product and in turn might make the buyers want to buy the product so that they ca see what the misery is about. However if I was to shoot this product again I would make sure I light the product table more to make it more white.


Overall I am very pleased that I could experimenting with lighting different products not just nail polish as it has helped give me confidence to take my final two images. I will also spend more time planning the effect I want to create and spend time moving the product around to create new angles and a more creative look, so that the product is more appealing to buy.