Editorial Part 2 Evaluation

I have enjoyed doing part 2 of this project as it has given me the opportunity to expand on what I have learnt from part 1 and to experiment more with the idea of editorial photography and to be more creative. After researching photographers for part 1 such as Corinne Day and Sarah Bahbah I kept them in my mind when decided what pictures to take for my character and environmental portrait and how I can further experiment with their techniques. I also looked at the work of Senol Zorlu and Andrew G Hobbs whose work is very different to the photographers I researched for part 1, but they still have different and interesting ways of taking photos and capturing the emotions of the subjects and I hope that I have been able to capture the same emotion in my own images.

Having completed the research and experimental work for this assignment, I needed to pick to two images one environmental portrait and one character portrait. The environmental photo shows a fashion media and marketing student working on one of their projects looking at some clothes and comparing it to and clothing item in a Vogue book. The second image I collaborated with another Fashion media and marketing student who was taking images of an aspiring model in a very interesting and unique way and I asked If I could help her take some images and take my own whilst also helping her with setting up the lightings. I hope that my images are different to other people in my class and that I have thought creatively and in a unique way with my images.

When we were first given this project, I was not sure what I was going to take images of and how I could experiment further with my ideas form part 1. But after The Fashion Media and Marketing student asked if I could help her take some interesting, in style fashionable images. I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity and a way to take my character portrait that was different. I then decided to carry on and extend the theme and take pictures of a Fashion Media and Marketing student for my environmental portrait.

Overall I think the images have shown my creativity and I am pleased with the different and unique images I have created. I have also enjoyed collaborating with other students and having the opportunity to get to know other student on different courses and learning what they do with their courses and how we can work together to come up with some brilliant ideas, to capture some unique and interesting images whilst also capturing the emotion of the subjects.

I have taken some images that I am proud of and that have shown me not taking the safe option and being creative other images did not turn out as well. For example, the image below is under exposed which even if I brought up the exposer in Photoshop will still not improve it enough to make it a good image as I don’t think the image creates interest when looking at and it does not show that she is a Fashion Media and Marketing student.


Looking through the contact sheets one image that did work well and an image I like out of my character portraits I have taken is the one below. I love the image as the model is looking directly into the camera so that the audience connects with the subject drawing them into the image. I also like how different they are to what other people might be taking images of as not only is it a portrait but it also allowed me to experiment with and showcase my favourite genre fashion.


After intensively looking through my contact sheets for both environmental and character portraits for two final images I think I have found the perfect two as I think the character portrait shows the emotions of the model and the environmental images shows what it is like to be a Fashion Media and Marketing students.



When post producing these images, I wanted to edit them slightly but not too much so that they look over produced. This is because I want the images to be as natural as possible and not misleading to the audience and to shows the subject in it true form. That Is why when Photoshopping the images I only adjusted the contrast, brightness, clarity and saturation. By doing this I hoped the images would stand out on their own without too much editing.

If I was to do this project again I would make sure I spent more time with both my models maybe doing two photoshoots with them to get a feel for their characters more. However, I do feel like the images I have taken have turned out very well. Another thing I might have changed if I shot these again is looking in greater depth at the photographers work and then try to experiment more with their style of taking images.

I am have learnt such a lot from completing this project as the experimenting has enabled me to grow in technique and my own style within the subject of editorial photography. This has also given me the chance to try a style of photography for the first time. I will carry on using other photographers work to inspire my own such as Senol Zorlu, as I love how he can show the emotions of the subject and make us feel connected to them.

Overall I think I have fully met the assignment brief and enjoyed challenging my own thought process.