Advertising Part 2 Brand

What is a brand? A brand is a name, term, design, symbol that the buyers will be able to recognised as soon as they see the product. Branding is a set of marketing methods that help recognise companies from their competition and help make lasting impressions in the minds of the buyers. The way you can distinguish a company from another is by having a logo, trademark that people will recognise when going shopping. Where does the word branding come from? The word branding come from the word Old Norse “Brandr” which means to burn. Cattle, timber and crockery were branded with the makings/ symbol of the owner using a hot iron rod. Branding came along so people could see what products belong to who.

For the second part of this project I have decided to carry on focusing on nail polish, but with one particular brand. So after researching in to different nail polish brands such as Sally Hansen, OPI, Revlon, Ciate London, Essie and Lllamasqua. I decided that the Essie brand was the product to focus on.

Essie is a world renowned brand and one of the most recognisable brands of nail polish, with its long lasting formulae that will stay on your nails for days. They have a wide range of colours to complete any look or season and they sell their nail polish in more than 107 countries. Essie Weingarten is the founder of this company and first started selling her product in 1981 to customers in Las Vegas, Nevada and then to many salons around the world. Her company has done amazingly well and then in 2010 she sold her company to L’Oreal for an undisclosed sum.

Essie nail polish bottles are one of the most recognised polish in the world with its white caps with Essie logo imprinted in the glass and square of vibrant colour, However this was not always the case. When she first started the company she launched the polish with a label less bottle, as she thought people would want to add their own names on it. But after a lot of consideration, in 1999, she started to realise that a logo would be needed to recognise the brand. By 2000 she redesigned bottle with the Essie logo front and centre.

Essie Weingarten once said that “Your brand is the most important thing,” she says. “You have to breathe it; you have to live it. It has to be an extension of you.” I think she is right; branding is very important to any company, if they don’t have the right brand, costumers will not recognize or buy the product.

Looking at the branding techniques of Essie I would say they are very different and unique to other companies which means when you see ads in magazine you will be drawn to their branding techniques and want to buy their product.

I really hope this project goes well and that by doing my advertising shoot I will be able to experiment with the techniques of Essie.

Here are some of their adverting techniques and some of my favourite ideas they have tried.

This image really appeals to me. I love how they have matched the colour of the nail polish to the colour of the paper flowers. I think it makes the images stand out from other adverting techniques.


This is my favourite image out of the different styling techniques of products they have and I want to this idea in my photo shoot as it is not something you see every day. If I can capture the technique correctly, I believe that when people see the result, they will recognise it as Essie right away.


This image is very different to other styles of advertising nail polish. I like how they put a white object that normally has colour and then you have the polish dripping down the object to the colour it should be.