Editorial Photography Research Part 2

After researching into Corrine Day for part 1 of this project, I want to consider someone completely different to the raw style show in her work. After some extensive research, I found an editorial photographer called Senol Zorlu from Turkey, but who is now living in Germany. Looking through his images I love how by looking at the images you feel like you are there in the moment. I also like how you see the pure emotions on their faces; I think it is captured brilliantly. The way he uses natural lighting to give the image a strong character and unique look. Zorlu has gone all around the world documenting the people and landscapes he sees; such places are Brazil and Colombia. He brings to life the people and culture from where the people are from. He has created numerous works that brings us the world through his perspective.

Looking at his work helps me get ideas for what type of character and environmental portraits I could experiment with taking and how I could experiment with the emotions of the person I am photographing. I like the use of natural lighting but also how all the images have a quite dark contrast and exposer to bring more drama to the image.

This project I want to concentrate on capturing the emotion of my subject as well as the lighting and composition I use. After doing the first part of the assignment “the Photo essay” and doing a couple of portraits in the series of 6 images, I now have an idea of what I need to focus on to get a striking portrait image. I want to play around with the angle of the camera and not just use the generic positioning of eye level: Don’t just have the subject looking into the camera but experiment with having them looking off camera; Try breaking the rules of compositions as it can lead to an eye catching image; experiment with different lighting as this can create moods; silhouetting the subject to hide their features can be dramatic and backlighting; introduce props with the subject to show more of their environment and to make them more comfortable; or maybe obscure part of the subject. By doing this you can leave a little to the imagination and then also focus attention on certain parts of the subject. By trying these different techniques, I hopefully will create a unique set of portraits to other people in my class.

One of my favourite images taken by Zorlu is the portrait of the baby who is just starring off from the camera with a sad look on his face. I also like how Zorlu lowered the contrast, saturation and exposer of the image to give it more of a dramatic effect. Every time I look at the photo I always look at the eyes first as they are drawing me into the image and to help you to connect with the subject.


I find the work of Senol Zorlu very emotive. I believe he has a unique technique that drawns you into all his images and make you feel a part of it. The two images below also demonstrate Zorlu’s work. For my assignment, I would also like to experiment with natural as well as artificial lighting and different poses. Without dramatically changing the character of the portrait, I anticipate doing some post production work of lowering the contrast, saturation and exposure to bring dramatics to my images.

I also found a photographer called Andrew G Hobbs who’s work is similar to the work I would like to experiment with for my character portraits in the studio. His use of a dull background of white, this allows you to focus on the emotions and the still actions on the subject.

After looking at some of his images, one that captured my attention is below. She is not looking at the camera so does not have the generic eye contact with the camera. I also think the posing also helps create the emotions of the subject. When I look at the image I think the subject seems quite confident and standoffish to the camera which means also to the audience.


Here are some other images that also caught my attention. The poses, reactions of the subject and the lighting setup is key to a great emotive image and I think that Hobbs does that highly effectively.