Pintrest Mood Boards Editorial Part 2

Writing my statement of intent, I began to search around for some more inspiration by images. This in turn would help me get ideas for my Character and environmental portraits. So, following research for my environmental portrait I have a plan of surrounding my subject with their work but also have them working on one of their projects to make you feel connected to that person and the work they are doing. I think that it is important that the image has lots of their tasks surrounding them as this will give you more hints on what they do, but also bring in the characteristics of the participant.

Doing the Character portraits in the studio I believe will be much harder than taking the environmental images as with the character photographers you will not have the subject in their normal environment which means they will be less comfortable. But also, because they will not be surrounded by their things, half of their personality will not be shown. I will be relying on the emotions on the models face.

When taking my images in the studio, I plan to make sure they are wearing clothes that bring out their personality to make the images more unique but also make sure they have emotion on their face. By making sure they feel comfortable and get to know them I hope they will relax and so help them show their true emotions and personality.

I hope that both the character and environmental portraits will show that I have experimented with different techniques; capturing the emotion and personality of the subjects so I can get some great unique images.

Mood Board

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Pintrest Mood Boards