Editorial Part 2 Statement Of Intent

I am very excited to start part 2 of this project as I really enjoyed doing the first part of this assignment and creating a photo essay. For the second part of this project I need to take two images: one character portrait of an aspiring model, musician or performer taken in the studio experimenting with use of light posing to reveal their character; the other image will be an environmental portrait which needs to be on location showing that person’s environment in an interesting way. My challenge will be to create the right pose, the clothing, props and location to create a single image with a story behind it.

The second part of this project is gives me further room to experiment in the genre of editorial and portrait photography and will give me a further understanding of the subject, whilst also getting to know new and interesting people.

For this assignment I plan to create a mood board of different ideas I could bring into my own work. I will also create contact sheets, test shots to help clarify my ideas as well as research in depth into an editorial photographer to gain further inspiration. I will then write an evaluation on how the whole project went: what went well, what I found challenging and how I could improve on it, before then talking about my final two images.

I am really excited about this project as not only will it give me more time to experiment with editorial but also give me a chance to try more techniques within portrait photography. I think It will be interesting shooting these two images and trying to capture the emotions and the environment of my subjects. After taking my final two images, I will then take them into post production. When editing the images, I will need to be careful not to over produce the images as this project is an editorial piece and too much Photoshop is unethical and misleading to the audience.

Starting this project, I will also be looking into some photographers in the genre of editorial and portraiture photography. This will help me relate to this project and style of photography. At the moment I plan to explore the work of:

. Senol Zorlu

. Henrik Knudsen

. simon hoegsberg

. Andrew G. Hobbs

. Joel Rhodin

. Quentin Shih

Out of these 6 photographers I plan to research into Senol Zorlu in more detail as I love how much emotion she can capture in her images. With her work I really feel connected to the person in the photograph and makes me look at the images again and again whilst still feeling the connection to the images.

I really hope this project goes well and I enjoy it as much as part 1. I know I need to get a bit more courageous about trying new styles and techniques and this will provide a great opportunity to do so. When I complete my self-assessment at the end of this project, I intend to be able to truly say that I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and what has been so uncomfortable!