Advertising Pinterest Mood Board and Mood board Part 2

I have began researching images for this project to help inspire me to create some exciting ideas. For the two final images, the products I am using are nail polish and fruit. Nail polish in the studio and fruit on location.

Looking at inspiration for the product in the studio, I found two ideas I would really like to experiment with. The first idea is shooting the images on black background with the product sitting on a product table on glass so that it will reflect the image of the nail polish and then have different colours shooting out from behind it. The other idea is to experiment using white and black background with sweets of the same colour as the product scattered around the nail polish.

Looking at both the ideas, my favourite is to try using the sweets scattered around the nail polish. I think this will carry on from part 1 of using kale and experiment more with unique ideas other people in my class might not try.

My second on location product will use a grey/black table and have my fruit positioned in an interesting way and then have other things scattered around such as seeds or decaying flowers to make the product stand out to the audience. I also think the dark colours of the table and the blueberry and grapes with the other parts of the images will all compliment each other.

I hope that moving forward to part 2 will expand my ideas and techniques on the subject of advertising and that I will be able to try some new ideas that I have not done before.

Mood Board

Advertising Part 2 Mood boaed.jpg

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