Advertising Photography Research Part 2

Timothy Hogan is an advertising and still life photographer based in Los Angeles and is an award-winning photographer. Hogan has always had a passion for taking things apart and then creating unique positioning of the products to create complex images. Hogan has gone all around the world working on commissions for many different clients and has been a photographer for 16 years. The way he lights his products in a mysterious, precise, dramatic and unique way made his photography very sort after by clients such as Google, Chanel, Beats Studios, Starbucks and many more big brands.

I love his work. It inspires me to want to come out of my comfort zone and try and experiment with different techniques and positioning of products in a unique way to what I was doing for part 1 of this assignment. I like the way he uses lighting and a black background. I believe by doing this it makes the product stand out to the audience.

For part 2 of this project I want to experiment more with the positioning of the products and the way I position the lighting so that you can see the product in the best light. Moving forward from part 1, I am still going to take images of nail polish in the studio and food on location and by doing this it hopefully mean I can experiment within the subject and create some interesting and unique ideas with the use of strong lighting more out of my comfort zone than for part 1.

After research into Timothy Hogan and looking at many of his images, there was one image that caught my attention. It is an image of a alcohol bottle on a black background right in the centre of the image with red, gold colours coming out from behind the bottle.. The sharp and crisp use of lighting makes the bottle stand out and look perfect with no imperfections.


Looking at some of the other images, having colours coming out from behind the product seems to be a common theme in his work. But I think by doing this it demonstrates his style of advertising photography stand out from other photographers and that when you look at one of his images you know that it is his.


Looking at the work of Hogan, I would like to experiment with his style of using a black background and the use of colours coming out from behind the products. I think this would then take me out of my comfort zone and try something different from what other people in my class might be experimenting with.

After researching Timothy Hogan I began to think through some ideas I could try experimenting with in the studio. That’s when I came across Greg Broom: I like the way some of his images of make-up products such as nail polish has been taken with sweets around it. I think back to part 1 of this assignment and the pictures of nail polish laying on a bed a kale. I may well use sweets with nail polish as the next step forward.

Looking at the pictures below I like how he matches the product bold colours with the colours of the sweets. I think this makes the products stand out and seems different to other advertising techniques out there.



I am considering taking my pictures of nail polish in the style like this, However when I take my images I think I would prefer using a black background to really make the colours of the nail polish and the sweets stand out even more.

Researching into what type of images I could experiment taking with on location, I found an adverting photographer called Penny de Los Santos who’s work I would like to try in the style of.

The image below is one of my favourite images, as I love the use of the dark black/grey table against the colours of the food. I like the use of the other products such as spices scattered around to make the image more appealing and interesting to look at. By doing this I think she uses her lighting setups perfectly to get the perfect view of the product.


Here are some other images done by Penny de Los Santos that I think also work really well. It would be great to try to experiment with my own product (fruit) I am using on location.