Advertising Part 2 Statement of Intent

For part 2 of this adverting assignment we have been asked to take 2 images; one image on location and one image in the studio. I really enjoyed experimenting with the products and different ideas and techniques I could try during the first assignment and so I’m looking forward to experimenting further with the two new products. The first product will be fruit which I will take images on location. Then I will take pictures of nail polish in the studio. By taking these images I hope to get a more of an understanding of different products, experimenting and use of photography techniques.

When I hand in this assignment I plan to have created mood boards of lighting setup and images with different ideas I could try. Contact sheets and test shoots will form the basis of some self-critical thinking of the images and how they turned out. Examining work of a photographer in the genre and trying some ideas from their work will also expand my technique. I will also write an evaluation of how the assignment went whilst also explaining what went right, what could have gone better and talking about my final 2 images.

Finding the right places to shoot my images is key. One of the images will be shot in the studio so I will need to think carefully of what background I use and whether it should be a plain white, coloured or black background? Lighting will be key and how to use the right type of lights, in the right place to enhance the products to look most appealing to the audience will be something I focus on to develop my approach.

My second image will be on location so I need to find an interesting place to shoot my product; to draw the audience in and make them want to buy the product. I am not currently sure where I will shoot my location images. Maybe somewhere down by the Barbican or maybe I create a mini studio in my kitchen and find an interesting way to position them.

I am really excited for the second part of this assignment as it gives me more of an understanding of what adverting is and what is the best way of shooting different products and catching the viewers attention. After I have taken the initial images I will also take them in to Photoshop to try and make the products look more appealing by getting rid of any imperfections. I don’t  plan to over produce the image too much as I don’t want to mislead the audience.

For this project I plan to briefly look at one photographers work which I can use to relate to my work and to get some ideas as well as my own ideas to create some interesting pictures. In particular I want to experiment with different positioning of the two products and the lighting sets to give the most interesting images. After some research I found these advertising photographers who really captured my attention and made me look twice at the images. They have given me a couple of ideas to expand on. These photographers are:

. George Fairbairn

. Timothy Hogan

. Marcel Christ

. Harold Ross

. Nori Inoguchi

. Karl Taylor

I really hope this assignment goes well and that I can expand my ideas and techniques whilst doing this project; whilst also having fun experimenting.

After looking through the work of the 6 adverting photographers, I found that the work that caught my attention the most was Timothy Hogan as I love the use of the black background and the light that that seems to be bouncing off the product. The way in which the colourful light has been positioned really draws your attention towards the product.