For this project I plan to email about 6 or 7 photographers. Some are well known and so I would be amazed if I get a reply from them but I thought I would have a go as I like to be ambitious. The email I will send is:

My name is Laura Stobart and I am studying BA commercial Photography for Fashion, Advertising and Editorial photography at Plymouth College Of Art. For one of my projects we have to interview a photographer who’s work is in a style or field we would like to experiment more with or possibly within after we leave university. My passion is Fashion photography and so I was wondering if you would be willing to answer some questions for me about your style and line of photography.

I know you must be incredibly busy but it would be really appreciated if you are willing to share some of your experiences with me. Ideally I would like to do the interview either by phone or Skype (which ever works best for you) and it should take no more than an hour.

Please let me know as soon as possible with your answer as I would love to speak to you about your career, background and experience. many thanks Laura

However I will personalise email depending on what industry the photographer is in.

People I am emailing to interview

Annie Leibovitz

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 17.00.43 copy.jpg

Lindsay Adler

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 17.05.52.png

Lindsay Adler did reply but the email she sent back said: Hey there! Thanks for thinking of me! I just wanted to get back to you asap! Unfortunately I’m going out of the country on Friday and won’t be back until Dec 12/13… so I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in. I just wanted to let you know so you were’t relying on me!

Reading this email I thought she did not really want to be interviewed and was just trying to let me know gently. So I started to email other people.

Alex James

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 17.20.52.png

Anna Radchenko

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 17.25.45.png

Sarah Bahbah

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 18.52.57.png

Ashley Hampson

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 17.53.21.png

Gary Stevens

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 17.52.38.png

After sending all those email no one else got back to me apart from Gary Stevens who agreed to be interviewed and we have started to arrange a date to do the interview.

So I began to think of question to ask him after looking at his website before sending the email I learnt that he was a wedding photographer in Torquay his website is

So after looking at his work again and thinking about the right questions to ask him. Here are the questions I think it will work to ask him:

  • What inspired you to start taking photos? When and were did you start liking photography?
  • What series of events that lead you to becoming a photographer?
  • What is your main sources of influence within your work?
  • What is the defining image of your career and why?
  • What is the most important quality and wedding photographer needs and why?
  • What was the best and worse memory/ experience whilst shooting a wedding?
  • If you could do any subject within photography would you still be doing wedding photography?
  • In the future would you still see yourself as a wedding photographer?
  • What personal projects are you working on at the moment?
  • What advice would you give to a budding photographer?

During one of our lessons for professional practice we had to do a practice interview to give us an idea of the kind of questions we will ask the photographer we would interview and give us an idea of what it would be like for us to interview us. By doing this it will give us an idea of what to expect when we interview our photographer and prepare us for what could happen and make us not so nervous. I think It was definitely a good idea to do a practice interview as it will make me more confident when doing the real interview.

If I was to do this interview again I would:

  • make sure that the camera was facing the both of us so you can see the reaction of both the interviewer and interviewee.
  • speak clearer and louder so the people watching the video can understand me.
  • make sure I have the right location to do the interview so that there is no back ground noise to disturb me or the interviewee.

You will find the practice interview and the PDP on the Google drive under Professional Practice-Formative assessment- Laura Stobart

Looking back at my interview with Gary Stevens I found it very informing on what it would be like to be a wedding photographer. The interview was done over Skype and there was a couple of technology issues to begin with but, after we got Skype working and I asked the first question, I found the interview flowed well. I started off by asking “What inspired you to start taking photos? and When and were did you start liking photography?” As I thought this would be a great question to start with and make us both relax and get into the type of questions I would be asking. Even though I had a set of 10 questions some of the answers he gave made me think of other questions I could ask. I think by making the interview more of a chat style interview made the interview flow a lot better as we both bounced off each other. He even asked me some questions. I found all his answers interesting and engaging and made me interested in the subject of wedding photography. Though my main focus in the genres of photography is primarily fashion, I found that talking to a photographer from another genre useful and eye-opening. I think that both fashion and wedding photography are quite similar. This is because, like fashion, you need to pose the couple on the day and make them feel comfortable with you as you would in a fashion shoot. After hearing more about wedding photography I would like to do some wedding work experience to get more of a feel for other genres of photography and not just fashion work in the studio.

Whilst doing the interview I did record the interview with Gary Stevens on my dictaphone, however after the interview I found that there was no way to download the interview to my computer. I did ask jane if I could hand in the dictaphone but she said no. I also got her and many others to see if there is any way to download the interview but they could not see a way either. so I will not be able to hand in the recording.

Here are some images of Gary Stevens work