Evaluation for Advertising

After finishing the research and experimental work for this project, I picked 4 final images. We had to shoot one product with continuous lighting, another on location with ambient light and/or reflector and then product 2 with flash lighting and continuous lighting. I believe the images I took show the products in the best light and I think they draw the audience in to buying the products.

I have really enjoyed this assignment as it gave me the opportunity and time to experiment with advertising photography and experimenting with different techniques and ideas. Throughout this assignment I have used Annabelle Breakey’s work to very lightly base my work on as her work inspires me. In particular I think this is due mainly to it being so creative and different to other photographers work. I like the use of lighting as it makes the products stand out and it almost looks alive.

When I first started this project I was not sure about the two products I would be using but after a lot of think I decided to shoot images of nail polish and and fruit. I decided to do those to products because they are very different from each other. This will meant I could experiment more within the subject and create some interesting and unique ideas with the use of strong lighting.

I think the shoot went really well and I enjoyed shooting the products with different light such as continuous and flash lighting. Doing this project gave me the chance to understand more about adverting and not just how to shoot it, but how you can draw the right audience to the product. I also think I have captured my final four images really well.

However, when taking the images not all images went as well as my final four. For example, some of the images turned out too darkened but when I looked on the screen on the camera the images appeared fine. This meant the some of the images that were too dark that even when I lightened the images in Photoshop they still did not work. The image below shows one of the images that did not work. In particular, I don’t think it had the right positioning of the product.


Looking through all my images again, one image that I think worked really well is the one taken with continuous lighting. I like the black background and I think it contrasts well with the fruit which is lit with two lights either side that makes the image look blue, which I think makes the image more interesting. I also like the positioning of the grapes and how I have then scattered blueberry’s over and around the grapes. I think this makes for an interesting image.


Here are my four final images. I think these photos worked well and shows that I have experimented with different lighting and learnt from the experience of trying different setups. I think the four final images will defiantly draw the audience into buying the products.

For product ,1 I took two images – one with flash lighting and one with continuous lighting

Flash lighting


Continuous lighting


Product 2, I took two images one with ambient lighting on location and one with continuous lighting

Ambient lighting on location


Continuous lighting


When I was post-producing these images I did not want to do too much Photoshopping because I do not want to mislead the audience. I only moved around the brightness, contrast, shadows, clarets ECT and then used the healing brush tool to get rid of any imperfections.

If I was to do this project again I would spend more time thinking about the product I have picked and how it will work with the lighting we had to use. Maybe If I did a bit more planning on how I would setup my products, the images could of looked even better. I hope that with part 2 of this project I will be able to spend more time doing this.

I am really happy with how this assignment went as it was the second project I was given. I believe it gave me time to experiment with different products and lighting setups and by doing this took me out of my comfort zone.

Overall I think I have fully met the assignment brief and enjoyed challenging my own thought process.