Test Shoot for editorial

For my test shoot for editorial I decided to take images around college, by doing these test shots it gives me a more of an idea of the images as a whole and not just the images on there own. As for my final images they need to tell a story in only six images this can be very hard. Within the 6 images there need to be six identifying shots The Establishing shot, The Medium Shot, The Detail Shot, The portraits, The Moment and The Closer this means I need to spend more time looking around the college for each individual shot instead of just taking pictures and hoping they will come together to make the perfect narrative.

Before going round taking pictures of the college I thought about each of the shot I would be taking I started with:

The Establishing shot- Maybe shoot outside the college ?

The Detail Shot- Maybe shoot in the library with people working or outside showing people talking?

The detail Shot- Maybe close up of something at college or maybe in lesson?

The Portrait Shot- Maybe a portrait of student or teacher?

The Moment Shot-  Maybe people at the front desk asking for help or asking a teacher a question?

The closer Shot- Maybe showing the outside of the college again of student leaving or pictures of transportation?

I think taking these pictures was a great idea to take before taking my final images as it maybe me think about the shot I was taking and the whole time I was asking myself is the image I am about to take going to work within one of the six shots? This is why if you look at my contact sheet there are not many images as I spent more time questioning would this be the right image and if not I walked away and found a better photograph to take.

This is the original contact sheet  that has not been marked saying if I like the image or not

ContactSheet-001 2.jpg

Here is the marked contact sheet

Scan test shot contact sheet.jpeg

After looking through the contact sheet there was one image I saw that did not work is the image below this is because the image is over exposed looks more like a snap shot than an image that was thought out well and I don’t think I has the right composition. I think that if only the under exposer or did not have the right composition I might of been able to sort if out in photoshop but with all the problems together I don’t think it would be fixable.


Picking my six shots was very easy for me not only because I thought about each image before taking them with an idea about with shot it would be used for but because six image stood out to me.

my six final image for the test shoot where

The Establishing Shot


The Medium Shot


The Detail Shot


The Portrait Shot


The Moment shot


The Closer Shot


My favourite shot out of the six is the establishing shot because I love the warm tones in the image and how your focus is drawn towards the front door It is like you are seeing the college form your own eyes and are moving towards the front door.


Overall I am very happy with the way the images have turned out and I am please I have learnt more about the meaning behind the images and took more time thinking about each shot and how it would work within the six images before taking anything I need to take my time and not just take image for the sake of it. This will help me for when I am taking my final image as I will think before taking the image