Evaluation for Editorial

Having completed the research and experimental work for this assignment, I selected 6 final images with a theme of loneliness and depression in student life. I believe the images show what it can really be like for some students and that, although it might be busy around you, it can be hard to fit in and make friends. The enormous change that comes from being a student for the first time can affect some young people deeply and so this became the subject of my project.

I have really enjoyed this project as it has given me an opportunity to experiment with the idea of editorial photography, and try different techniques that have made the reputations of photographers such as Corinne Day and Sarah Bahbah. I have always wanted to try Corinne Day’s style of photography but until now had not found the perfect project to test her style. Her work I think really inspired me for this project. In particular I wanted to experiment with the use of a rawer style within my own work. I think she has had a good impact on my work. I also think this subject was captured fully with the rawer style of Corrine Day.

When I was first taking these images I had initially planned to do the project on the “day of a life of a student”. However after I had asked my model if it was ok to photograph her in her everyday life and starting to observe her normal activities, I began to realise that the images were showing how she seemed to be pushing people away and staying in her room a lot of the time. That’s when I decided to change my theme to the loneliness of being a student and how it can be hard living away from home for the first time. It shows that student life can be hard and it is not all about having fun and partying.

I think the shoot went really well and I really enjoyed understanding how to capture the right mood whilst also being trusted to be sensitive to her needs. It also gave me a chance to get to know one of my flat mates a little better. I really got a feel about what her life is like here and I think I have captured it well within my 6 final images.

However, whilst shooting the images did not all go to plan; for example the image below which I took in the dark and did not quite get the right shutter speed and ISO settings and so the images are very dark, grainy and even if it had worked it would not of worked as part of my narrative due to it not encapsulating  the loneliness behind student life.


One image that did work very well and is my favourite out of the series is the image below. I love the raw style and the way she is looking at her reflection and her reflection is looking back at her showing her true self. It is also how she has all the products she uses for her daily routine just lying there carelessly discarded on her bathroom shelf. This gives us a sense of her everyday life.


I have decided to call my 6 images Outsider

Here are my 6 images in the order I would like them to be displayed as a photo essay if they were published in a magazine. I think these images really work well in this as it helps describe the story of a young student, away from home for the first time and feeling lonely and vulnerable.

When post producing these images I wanted them to look as natural as possible and not over produced. I really wanted the images to show the truth and my intention was not to use too much Photoshop as it could be misleading to the audience. That’s why when Photoshopping I only adjusted the brightness, contrast, clarity and a bit of saturation. Hoping the images would stand out rather than adding any significant alternations.

If I was going to do this project again I would probably spend more time planning what kind of concept I would want in the end and experimenting with the ideas and looking back at my photographers and analysing the initial photos before taking the final series of images.

Not only would I spend more than a week taking pictures of the model because maybe I just caught her on a bad week this changed the narrative of the photo essay. this influenced me to change my theme from “Day of the life of a student” to the loneliness and depression of a student. Picking a particular week could mean that her university work was building up and she was having a hard week. Maybe if I took pictures of her on a different week the images might of shown my model in a different light. Therefore, taking a series of frames over an extended period might have described a slightly different story. showing the truth and reality of this student.

I am really happy that this project was one of the first assignments given to me as it took me out of my comfort zone and got me to experiment with different ideas and technique. It also gave me the chance to try a particular style of photography for the first time. I will definitely like to carry on using Corrine Day’s style of photography, maybe I will do some personal work using her style again.

Overall I think I have fully met the assignment brief, done everything the assignment was asking for and enjoyed challenging my own thought process.