Products on Location and in the Studio

For this project I have done a lot of research of different products to see which is the best locations to shoot for different products. The images below are some examples of the style of how I want my images to turn out.


The image above shows what the product would look like in it’s natural environment. I like the contrasts of the browns of the product and the greys and greens of the location. I think this is a great marketing image as the views eyes will be drawn to the shoes. Looking at this image I can see the photographer has used a tripod so that he can get the perfect angle on the product whilst also making sure the image is in focus. Looking at the image I would say the photographer used two reflectors with the silver side up at about a 60 degree angle opposite each other and either side of the product. This helps give a natural look to the image.


This image has been shot quite differently to other images as the product is far away from the camera This means the product is in focus and the rest is not. I can see the photographer most likely used a tripod to hold the camera to help give the image a crisp and in focused finish. I would also say that the photographer has used two soft boxes opposite each other one in front to the right of the product and one by the product. This helps light not only the product but the background as well.

I also researched images that work well when photographed in the studio .


I think nail polish would be a great idea for my product in the studio because the bright colours of nail polish and the right lighting will make the product stand out. By using the studio it also means I can find a creative way to setup the product. Maybe I can have some of the nail polish dripping around the nail polish pot. Looking at this image I would say the photographer has used a macro lens so that they can get close to the product without getting too close themselves. I would also say the photographer has used 3 lights two opposite each other (i.e. one behind the product, one in front and then the third lighting overhead.


A perfume bottle could also be a good idea for the product in the studio. Both nail polish and perfume will give me the opportunity to use lots of post-production techniques to make the product look more interesting and creative. This is shown in the image I have picked because although some of the smoke could have been created in the studio, it would not of looked perfect so they would have used Photoshop to get the perfect effect with the smoke. The only negative side about shooting perfume is that it is very hard to light due to it being transparent. However, for this product I think the photographer used two lights with pink gels to get the pink effect around the image. I think the lights would have been very close to the product to get as much detail of the perfume bottle as possible.