Photography Research Editorial


I have always been interested in the work of Corinne Day and her style of working in. But, until now, I have  never found the right project to try her style out as her work inspires me and I think will have a good impact on my work. The project of editorial photography will be perfect to try her style as Diary is her most profound body of work and her work is very recognizable. I think it aligns well with creating a photo essay.

One of the reason I like her work so much is due to her relaxed and raw technique with the effortless look she brings to her photography. With her work with in diary documentary she spent a lot of time with her models, often because the people she was photographing were her friends. I assume when taking these images she was just hanging around with her friends holding a camera and every so often found a great moment and captured it, I don’t think she was taking pictures all the time but just found the right moment.

Another thing that inspires me about Corinne Day is her ability to work so intimately with her models. The Diary Images are very representative of the time in which they were shot, the fashion the attitudes towards life, the drugs and the drink. The lifestyle Corinne was showing (i.e the 1980/1990s) was an era of alcohol and drug use and I believe she captured what it was like during the era, as it illustrates the use of alcohol, drugs and parties and individuals as well as society trying to find themselves. It shows what life was like for the everyday person during that time.

If you look at some of her later work you can how documenting her friends had inspired  her later fashion work. There is still a similar documentary style or maybe use some of the same conditions she was shooting in back then, but just with high end clothing.

One of my favourite image by Corinne Day’s is the girl lying across the sofa in a run-down location and the position of the designer dress shows her unique style. It makes me question what the girl is doing there and what led here to such a run-down location.

For my project of editorial photo essay, I have decided to take pictures of student life which, as a student, I am immersed in every day. I have asked one of my flat mates if it will be okay to capture what her normal student life is like. This is why I am basing my work on Corinne Day because in my own images I want to bring the raw style showing what is going on around me.

Corrine’s style and subjects were often criticised by other photographers as they felt her work promoted anorexia and drug use. Yet when Corrine was interviewed she was not sorry about her work and how it was shown in the world. She once said that “Photography is getting as close as you can to real life, showing us things we don’t normally see. These are people most intim ate moments, and sometimes intimacy is sad.”


This picture shows her up close and personal style with the model – not being afraid to show every feature of her face and how she was feeling at that moment.






After looking at the work of Corrine Day I just happened to be looking through Instagram and found a photographer, Sarah Bahbah, I also really like and is quite similar to Day’s work and the same kind of style. She also directs, photographs and writes about her images.

I want to bring these ideas to my own images. The main different between Bahbah’s and Day’s work is that Bahbah’s work is staged but the style although she works hard to make it look every-day in style.

I also looked online and found a piece of work called ‘The Sea That Surrounds Us’. It is a project by photographer Maureen Drennan that documents her husband’s battle with depression and her own battle to understand it. During this time Drennan felt a distance she felt from h  er husband and the manifestation of her husband’s own internal state during his depression. Her series serves as a reminder of just how fragile we can be as humans, and how difficult it is to understand the experiences of another person, no matter how close they may seem to us.