Photography Research Advertising

Annabelle Breakey is a still life and advertising photographer who is based in San Francisco. She has been photographing since 1990’s. She shows great passion for her work and she even received a BFA in photography from the Academy of Art University. Her great love of food has helped her explore the adverting and still life world as she has got commissions from massive brands such as Starbucks and McDonalds. Her client base holds lots of clientele and because of this she is able to shoot in her own studio.

Her work inspires me due to it being so creative and different to other photographers work. I really like the use of lighting as it makes the products stand out and it almost looks alive.

For this advertising project I want to experiment with the composition and lighting. However, this is not my first product shoot as at college for one of my projects I had to shoot a lipstick. Therefore, this time I want to try a different products like nail polish in the studio and food on location as this will hopefully mean I can experiment more within the subject and create some interesting and unique ideas with the use of strong lighting.

A quote by Breakey is ‘I love the pretty light on stuff’. She uses the light on products, especially on her finer work. Her style of photography works really well especially the commission work she did for major companies such as McDonalds and Starbucks.

One of my favourite images is where there is a black background and the product is right in the centre. The sharp and crisp use of lighting makes the burger the star and totally mouth-watering. The gold on the product also makes you look at the product again and draws you in – it’s not everyday you see a burger coved in gold.

Like Breakey’s work, I would like to experiment with the use of natural day light and artificial light in different positions and possibly using reflectors to get the light to follow in the path of the products to get some shadow underneath.