Professional Practice Notes


Professional understanding

  • What is professional practice?
  • Ami of project-networking- researching- contacting people + stay in contact
  • investigating- into out courses
  • reflect/ expectations- on careers tailored to our needs
  • explore opportunities – i.e assistance
  • professional communication
  • photography- working with other people- taking about you work, talking to people about work
  • photographic industry- visual media- lots of careers in photography not just a  photographer i.e list of stuff
  • legalities- protect people you work with such as models ect
  • professional development- how are we going to get out aim- what do we need to do to get there


Professional photography

  • What is professional photography?
  • boundary are changing all the time
  • fashion photography
  • very experimental
  • can lead into lots of genres
  • lots of photographers show behind the scenes of there fashion shoots
  • still life no people on a still life shoot
  • in still life photography they cannot answer back
  • Attention to detail is everything
  • What is commercial photography
  • make money
  • people want to buy it
  • the market
  • packaging
  • product
  • client has a lot of input into what the photographer takes
  • Andy whale
  • Diana Miller
  • Gary Salter
  • Sam Hoffman
  • Lara Holmes
  • Julian Wolkenstein
  • Ben Sandler
  • Mariano Vivance
  • Jason Bell
  • BBC 1 – face of fashion documentary – about vogue
  • looking to stock photography – look at images library –


Interview with practitioner

professional practice

  • Open questions
  • People have different response to the same question due to their life experience
  • Find out about the interviewee first
  • know your stuff
  • Concentrate on the things that need a direct response
  • Looking at style of other interviews
  • Consider what you want to achieve
  • What do you want to find out?
  • What are your questions?


Professional Practice

Awards to look at

  • Sony Photo Awards
  • AOP student awards
  • Taylor Wessing
  • Len Culture
  • BJP break through awards
  • Viewbug
  • Photo contest insider
  • Photo competition
  • WGSN/Insider


Professional Practice

Copy Right

  • What is copy right? -Protection- Law- If you took the pictures its yours
  • Intellectual property rights?- describe a class of several different legal regime that comes under intellectual property
  • Copy rights projects
  • Books and magazines
  • Sculpture and photography
  • A Logo
  • how do I obtain copyright- There is no official registration system it is automatic owner when takes images
  • How long does copy right last in written work?- The life of the author plus 70 years after his/her death
  • When an employee creates a work in the course of their employment? – copyright is first owned by the employer
  • Copyright can not easily be defined
  • Ideas are not protected by copyright
  • Copyright hub website- lots of info on copyright for photographers e.c.t


Professional Practice


  • Need to do before 3rd of jan find on Google drive
  • Do swot analisies: i.e
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • Threats
  •  Photographers
  • Amber leech
  • Robert Peel
  • Clash and Clash
  • Eva Paodoceoulou
  • Heather Cleves
  • Miels Knowbel


Professional practice

Toby Cobley Photography

  • Went to plymouth college of art
  • showing work when he was studying and now
  • Showing his personal and commercial work
  • photographic since age 12
  • Went to college at 30
  • Started his business in April 2005 when at PCA
  • Changed career went back to college
  • Landscapes photographer to begin with in first year
  • Then went to structured photography
  • teachers wanted him to come out of his comfort zone and take pictures of dark side/ the bathings
  • By doing this he changed his style
  • Looked at fine art seems with street photography
  • Old formal black and white images
  • Started experimenting with studio
  • Camera movements playing around with in 3 years
  • Documentary photography moved on to with film photography
  • Film photography slows your process down
  • his work base working
  • Commercial- assisting Trevor Burrows
  • Portraiture- assisting at venture portraits
  • Location/Property – SW screen
  • My freelance work- stating his business
  • Bursary work at PCAD
  • Wanted all his income to come from photography
  • family portraiture- building portable  studio in family house
  • Wedding – rural wedding photograhy
  • Commercial marketing photography
  • BIPP associateship
  • What is commercial photography to him?
  • creating images to promote organisation
  • understanding the brand messages establish and reinforced their brand
  • Editoral photography
  • Environmental photography
  • Public relations
  • Life style photography
  • Does work with national Trust
  • Interior
  • Medical and scientific photography
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Health Care
  • Tourism
  • It is about what the client wants
  • Products on location
  • Build studio on locations
  • Ariel/ Drone photography
  • Stock photography
  • Personal projects/ the dark side
  • Interesting compositions
  • gritty images
  • Around union street
  • seaside
  • informal compositions


Contact law and Legislation

  • people but in to contract every single day i.e. phone contact
  • Most everyday contract are oral
  • Business contract should be in writing
  • Always write things down and make a contract agreement
  • If you have a written contract nothing can be misunderstood
  • Contracts are legally binding agreement
  • Must state your own terms and conditions within your contract
  • Estimate before the job
  • Invoice the actual coast- can change after job
  • Copyright vs right to use?
  • What are rights to use?
  • Right to use are a license to use
  • This is something you issue and you still own the copyright
  • Licence- given by the copyright owner
  • Usually from the photographer to the client


Andy Whale

  • Andy Whale
  • Commercial photographer
  • studied at Bournemouth- all on film not digital
  • got a placement with still life photographer and was then job
  • Really likes the work of Richard Averdon
  • Been doing photography for around 30 years
  • Need to be good at lighting, composition and talking to people
  • Does film as well
  • Better to just go down one route
  • Did freelance photography working as a assistance such as Spencer Rowell- for 4 years
  • Done underwater photography
  • Lighting is very important
  • Look at adverting agencies
  • Not about then equipment
  • Make your photo your own
  • Do research into other photographers to get inspiration


Stock Photography

  • What is an image Library
  • Image representation
  • 400+ in the uk a lone
  • numerous types and sizes
  • Commission work
  • Control – where your images go
  • Types of libraries – generalist, specialist, micro stock
  • how to sell your work
  • rights manage
  • Royalty fees
  • Copy right
  • Stock photography places- Getty, Alamy, Millennium, istockphoto, Stutter-stock


Ethics in photography

  • What are ethics
  • Ethics is concerned with what is good fro individuals and society and is also described as how people make decisions
  • ethics cover the following dilemmas:
  • How to live a good life
  • Our rights and responsibilities
  • The language of rights and wrong
  • Moral decisions- what is good and bad?
  • responsibly for ethics
  • Professionals have a responsibility to ensure projects are planned and are undertaken using relevant professional codes and ethics behaviour
  • So it’s all our responsibility to insure we are undertaking tasks in a way that archives appropriate ethics and professional standards
  • Professional conduct:
  • Honesty
  • Protection of work
  • Originality
  • Privacy
  • Credit
  • Confidentiality
  • Release Disclosure
  • Fairness in billings
  • Secondary usage consideration
  • Documentation
  • Accurate Records
  • Fair contracts
  • Respect
  • Release honesty
  • In terms of ethics in photojournalism the national press they need to be honest
  • Should a war photographer  put down his camera in order to help a injured?
  • Should the fashion photographer refuse her/his image to be retouched?
  • Considering the subject and the context:
  • Student projects include:
  • Breast cancer
  • Homelessness
  • Ex prison inmates
  • Drug taking
  • Sexual content
  • What are ethically wrong with these projects? Should they been shown in exhibitions? Do they need model release forms? What rights do the models have?


Kirsty Smith

  • Sports wear and catwalk photographer
  • catwalk photographers are mostly men
  • Shoot lots of fashion weeks like Paris
  • No one gives you a wage to be a catwalk photographer
  • Worked for Harpers Bazaar – but is not payed for it
  • Assistance work long hours a long side photographers
  • Shoot a lot of skate board photography  and behind the scenes
  • Want to be a fashion photographer you need to assist
  • Good way to get into fashion photography is street style fashion photography
  • Under 10 and over 60 are the main money for fashion at the moment
  • Lots of different fashion photography jobs
  • Being able to talk about the product and the industry they are in it will intrigue them
  • You can’t just be a photographer you also have to know film and social media
  • Politics and how effects the fashion  photography industry

Lorna Commercial Photography


  • General Photographer
  • She fell into acting as a child
  • Then got some work as an assistant  for photographer who did head shots
  • Don’t be lazy with thinking you can sort it in photoshop
  • Assisted Charlie Wait
  • Landscape competition take a view
  • Learnt lot from assisting work
  • Decided to move away from assisting and setup studio in her living room to do head shots
  • Moved away from London to Devon
  • Then took lots of images of the area
  • Did an exhibition- sent lots of invites to people who could give her work
  • Lot of networking
  • Started a wedding photography business and did it for a good 10 years
  • Still does wedding photography but not as much as she did
  • Did family portraits
  • Started a business called Bang Wollop
  • But did not go well
  • It was very stressful
  • Wrote the complete guide to wedding photography + a book called the busy girls guide to photography


National Careers Service


  • What is the national careers service- provide info, advice+ guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training+ work
  • Developing a creative CV
  • What should you include?
  • Personal details
  • Profile/personal statement
  • Skills
  • Project/ portfolio examples
  • Education
  • Employment/ volunteering
  • Personal Details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Personal Statment
  • Short+ positive
  • Outline your key strengths
  • Use it to introduce yourself
  • keep it between 50+200 words- Maybe quote
  • Skills
  • Experience of working in studio
  • Using Photoshop/ Adobe
  • Project management skills
  • Prior experience of working with ……..
  • Project/ portfolio examples
  • What you did
  • How many people attended
  • What experience you gained
  • can add images on another page
  • Education
  • School/provider
  • course name
  • Qualification level/ grade achieved/ Year-add english, Maths
  • Employment/Volunteering
  • Volunteering
  • Work experience
  • Paid employment
  • If you have sold your own work
  • Do
  • Format your cv correctly
  • Use bullet points and shot lists
  • Save it in docs/PDF
  • Use spell check