Statement of intent Editorial Photography

I was very excited to get my very first assignment of this course which is editorial photography. For this assignment we were asked to take a series of 4-6 pictures in a photo essay form to tell a story of a certain subject. It will then be laid out like a magazine article with dummy text around it. Depending on how the images, I might use a little Photoshop to keep the images looking natural.

I plan to start mind mapping ideas for this project before finally deciding which subject or idea to focus on. I also plan to do a test shoot, contact sheets, sketches of ideas and Mood Board etc to help clarify my ideas.

I will then write an evaluation of this assignment and critically evaluate how this project went, what went well, what I found challenging and how I could improve on it.

For this project I plan to look briefly at some photographers and magazine that will relate to this project to get an idea of the style they use for their images. At the moment I plan to look at:

  • Time Magazine
  • The Sunday Times
  • Devon Life
  • Cromwell Today
  • Corrine Day
  • Lynsey Addario
  • Jan Sochor
  • Olivier Laurent

However, my current thinking is to research the styles and techniques of Corrine Day and Lynsey Addario because I love the raw style of both of their work and would like to also may sure I’m being as attentive to the ethical issues of editorial photography as Lynsey Addario. I think this project will go really well and will push me out of my comfort zone.

Image by Corinne Day