Statement of Intent Advertising Photography

For this assignment called Advertising Photography we have been asked to take pictures of products in the studio and on location. I plan to take these images in an interesting and unique way, which shows my camera technique and experimental understanding of different product photography techniques.

By the end of this assignment I plan to have a mood board showing different ideas I could try, contact sheets and test shots. I will also examine the work of photographers in this theme and use this as the inspiration for my final four images.

I will also write an evaluation talking about what went right, what could have gone better and my learning for next time.

Location is everything for a shoot and as two of my images are going to be on location I need to make sure I pick the right place. However, as I’m not sure what my two products will be yet, I am not sure what will be there perfect place to shoot. I am really excited for this assignment as it will give me more chance to experiment with product photography and expand ideas I have. I also plan to use Photoshop at the end of this project to make the image perfect and get rid of any imperfections. However, I don’t want to over produce the image as I want the image to look as natural as possible.

For this project I plan to briefly look at photographers which can relate to my work and maybe take some ideas for their shoots and somehow bring it in to mine. In particular I want to learn more about lighting setup or the differing techniques they have as they do their shoots. The photographers I want to focus on are:

  • Jonathan Knowles
  • Tm Tadder
  • Diana Miller
  • Taylor James
  • Jan Steinhilber.

I really hope this projects goes well and I can use it as a way to expand my skills within product photography and come up with some great product, location and technical ideas that will make the final images outstanding.

Images by Diana Miller