notes from lesson


Advertising notes

  • What is advertising photography
  • Quality of light – manipulated intended outcome
  • what health and safety and ethics are there within advertising photography
  • Key in advertising photography – what are the trends
  • Brand – telling a story about the product
  • connecting to the audience to sell the brand
  • language – don’t always need to see the products as it’s so well known
  • looking at roles new responsibilities – who’s who?
  • some photographers in adverting photography
  • Diana Miller
  • Taylor James
  • Jan Steinhalber




  • 2 key things in photography- Light – Composition
  • What is composition- Visual centre of interest is attention, focus the basic theme of photography
  • Power of composition
  • What you choose to leave out can be as jut as important as what you include in the images
  • Remember about rule of 3
  • Think about the focal point of the image
  • Straight line- leads you out of the image
  • Straight angled line
  • Curve
  • Use diagonals
  • Stretching composition
  • Composing with light
  • Manipulating pattern
  • Use colour
  • Pattern + contrast
  • Camera angles- above/below
  • Eugenio Franctu
  • Tim Ainsworth
  • Tony Hunchings
  • Joseph Ford
  • Tif Hunter



What is the concept of advertising?

  • What is concept of advertising?-ideas not just about showing the product
  • What does imagination mean to you?- the video shows your imagination can take you anywhere you don’t need photoshop
  • Be bold, be brave, be creative- sony advert all done for real nothing done in photoshop
  • Do we needed to see the actual product?
  • Or can it just been shown in the end – make the advert stick in your mind and think of it as a brand – not just the product
  • Be clever with product
  • Part on emotions
  • Music in advertising can make the advert
  • John lewis advert getting further away from the product – very emotive



Creating lighting setups in the studio things you will need

  • Camera
  • BX Kit
  • Light meter
  • Sky Port
  • Tripod
  • Extention lead
  • Reflector
  • Attachments:
  • Soft box
  • Dish
  • Honey Combe
  • Snoot
  • Umbrella